Save Money! Save Water!

At Tonkin Plumbing we aim to motivate our customers into optimising their energy efficiency in everyday life. Taking a shower, cleaning the dishes or brushing your teeth are simple pleasures we enjoy in Australia, though we need to be aware where we can make a difference to the environment and to our pockets!

We also understand that owners of investment properties want to maximise their rental return, and this is where we can help!

Legislation differs from NSW to Victoria, though for those North of the border the NSW Office of Fair Trading has made it easier for landlords to meet the minimum water efficiency standard for and pass on the charges to the tenants. It is easy and inexpensive to make your investment compliant with the water efficiency guidelines.*

We provide products that adapt to your existing tapware that lower the flow rate to make them comply. The guidelines are in place so that the right amount of water is delivered, neither too little or too much.

You may wish to convert your own home too, and save a few extra dollars per bill by compensating a few litres per minute out of your taps.

Call us today and upgrade to comply from just $75!

*For those in Victoria, the rules are a even more lenient where charges can be passed on even without water efficiency provisions.